iOs 9 App Development

Apple prepared the latest full version of iOS available to the world public before it formally launches with the newest iPhones in 2015. Customers that choose to check out the acknowledged beta of iOS 9 definitely have a lot to look forward to, particularly if they use an iPad. iOS 9 App Development involves an array of features including new intelligence and features added to the Siri voice assistant, transit directions in Apple maps, new loyalty cards for Apple Pay, keyboard improvements and more. For app developers, Apple is including many upgrades, enhancements and new frameworks to iOS 9. Here are the top developer and user features coming in iOS 9.

  • Siri Gets Smarter: The battle between Apple, Microsoft and Google determine around each company’s special voice assistants. The first one to introduce a personal digital assistant was Apple with Siri. In iOS 9, Apple aim attention at bringing intelligence to Siri. The Siri API for search will permit for broad connecting content within apps and a back button to Siri search from applications. Siri will also be capable to do reminders based on the context of the customer.
  • Passbook Becomes Wallet, Improvements to Apple Pay: Apple Pay does not have many meaningful updates for developers in iOS 9. The Apple Passbook is getting reformed and combined into the Apple Pay, becoming rebranded as Wallet. The Wallet will permit for Apple Pay transactions as well as store adherence and brand-specific cards.
  • Transit Comes To Apple Maps: Apple Maps is earning better directions as transit routes come to Apple Maps with iOS 9 app development for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS X. Transit directions will present various routes and lines from bus and train stations, multi-modal directions including walking, trains and bus and be connected with Siri for easy voice search from the road.
  • Apple News Apps: Apple’s Newsstand was assumed to be the new digital storefront for journalists and media only when it was announced in 2011. Together with the iPad, a complete new era of digital publications were assumed to be the elixir for the publishing industry. But, sadly Apple Newsstand was total decline. Now, Apple is taking the risk again, this time with a new app Apple “News.”
  • iPad Improvements: Keyboard, Multitasking and Splitscreen: The iPad got some much-wanted appreciation especially in iOS 9. Split screen, multitasking is in the end coming to the iPad in iOS 9. An update slideover feature will offer for Apple apps like message and calendar to cover over apps on the iPad as well. Notifications, in video will be able to be seen on the iPad with a new picture-in-picture system where the video will continue playing on the iPad in a small window while the customer switches to the messaging app. A new Task Switch is also presenting in iOS 9 for both the iPad and the iPhone, taking full screen functionality to the switcher.

Other than this, Apple promised better battery life with iOs App Development. They confirmed that the battery life will be optimized for real world uses, which will result to an extra hour of battery life for all of the iPhones. Also, they are presenting low=power mode to the operating system for shutting down background operations. What is the best new feature in iOs 9 App Development? What are the App Developers and Customers going to care about? Share your experience with us!