Internet Things App Developers Update 2016

In order to become great app developer it is important to follow the newest trends and updates from mobile app development world. You don’t want to get stuck with some old information and use them to develop a product. Your customers are not going to appreciate this. So, make sure to be in step with what’s going on in the development environment. Only that how you will be able to offer your customers a perfect mobile app.



Mobile apps development is a new and complex turf that application developers need to understand clearly before they start venturing into it. A user will have different frame-set of mind while surfing the same site over internet. Users expect something more and different with the mobile apps. A mobile application development company can enact your concept and needs into an app but it cannot force the users to download it.



Most of the mobile specialists and development houses base their development methodologies upon short experiences. People or businesses who want an app should first think about the end user. The mobile user is a person who is likely to be on move, not forced to stay at one location, is probably in a hurry and gets easily distracted as there are many options for him. Apart from the technical stuff, the mobile apps development should also be according to the market needs and the user tendencies. Some key points to remember for successful mobile application development are mentioned below.

  • Don’t Create Unnecessary Hype: Promising something and then not delivering on it will definitely cause resentment on the part of the users. Users are going to react badly if they don’t get what you promise, especially if they have to pay, download and install the app. Your app will receive tons of bad reviews and that will immediately affect your sale. This will also prevent users from trusting and downloading any of your future apps. Moreover, the situation may bring bad publicity in case of a branded application.
  • Don’t Let Your App Go Static: Developing and releasing an app is not the end game. If you want your app to stay in the competition and get constant downloads then you will have to work on it constantly. Updating it on a regular basis with new features, UI upgrades etc. will keep the user interested in your app. A static app that just remains as it came is likely to get deleted and overtaken by the competition. Mobile apps development is an ongoing process which makes an app dynamic in nature. Make amendments based on the user feedbacks. Include things that you think will spice up the app and ignore the less feasible ones.
  • Stick to Your Core: Most often, applications are developed with so much functionality that they are not able to perform their core functions properly. Too much information and options are just going to confuse the user. Each screen should be specific and have a limited number of options. Focus on your core idea and deliver an app that does exactly what it says.
  • Don’t make it Complex: Mobile application development is a complex process, don’t make it more complex by over thinking. Keep it simple and keep it straight to the point. Let the mobile application development company do its job while you make sure that all your requirements are being fulfilled.



Mobile apps development should be approached differently than how we approach web application development. The unique features of the app should be identified and developed according to the mobile user’s requirements.