App Makers

Naturally, you first need to determine that you need the app, it will be beneficial to your business and you have the manpower and dedication to maintain the app over the long term. Next, you’ll need to decide how you’ll go about creating your app. There are three methods you can employ:

  • Hire the services of an agency or freelance developer
  • Learn how to program and do the coding yourself
  • Choose and use app makers

The first option is more expensive while for the second it could take a very long time before you have enough know-how to personally design an app unless you already have the skill. For a small business, choosing app makers is the best option.



The App Makers are easy available online for various types of apps. What is the most important about your app develop:

  • Quality of your app: Before you consider the cost implication of whichever app creation platform, you need to look at the quality of product you are going for. This encompasses items such as aesthetic design, ease of use, integration with social media platforms, multi-platform capabilities CMS and push notification features among others.
  • Design: You want an app maker with the best templates in terms of aesthetics, the best designs with options to personalize as much as possible on the interface. The app should be a reflection of your business and website styles. With over a million apps in the market, you cannot afford to settle for any less than stellar quality.
  • Ease of use: The app platform/interface should be simple and natural, i.e. can be used by the average mobile phone owner. Most of your users will not have developing and programming skills; they should still be able to easily navigate through your app. The end user experience is the paramount consideration. To determine an app maker’s user experience, download an app previously made and play around with it a little.
  • CMS: Your app builder should have an internal content management system for ease of content updates directly from the back office. A major part of this is to have a CMS with more connectors, as this will make collection of content on the app easier and its display will be better.
  • Social media sharing features: Your app maker simply must have capability for sharing app content on social media platforms. The more awareness you create, the higher the chance of successful downloads. You should also have a section through which users can channel their feedback.
  • Determining the best price/quality ratio: There are a number of other considerations to make, but the above are the most important. Now you may consider pricing. It’s advisable to try the products before purchase, so go for free trials that are on offer. Use that opportunity to test every feature and functionality to determine whether it suits your purposes. And of course check for the above qualities.



Here is a basic step-by-step guide on bringing your app idea to reality.

  • Explain your app idea on paper. Make sure to make the explanation significant and clear.
  • Look For an App Maker or App Developer with interesting and impressive apps in portfolio
  • Contact a professional app maker with your app idea
  • The App Maker will contact you with rough investments costs estimation and its suggestions or questions regarding the development procedure and implementation details.



First you need to take into consideration all of the various categories that you can find at the App store. Entertainment, Games, Social Networking, Utilities, Travel, Sports, Music, and others. You need to look at these and then determine which category you might want to aim attention at. It is best to keep it short and precise. Don’t spend your time and energy to develop some interesting app that may be good, but may lose passion or significance because no one wants to waste their time downloading it. So keep it short, simple and sweet. After you have come up with your incredible idea you are going to have to transform that into something that is real. So you will need to be skillful to sit down and write your idea down on paper. Create a short outline of it a long with sketches. You will also need to involve all the essential details you need for it to be able to work and make point.