Our expert development team has been designing apps for the better part of a decade. Cutting across platforms, devices and industries, our developers use the latest technology to bring the best possible projects to our customers. Whether it’s iOS, Android or Windows, Versat is ready to integrate advanced frameworks and DB into your application.

Our process is rooted in transparency, and we believe in involving our customers as partners in their own successful solutions. That means questions and working together to determine the type of app that fits your company’s culture, expectations and budget. We want your input, because we are only interested in creating something that brings you the success you want the way you want it.



So many great applications suffer from the disconnect between developer and user, because their design never makes the transition from what’s intuitive to the tech crew into what’s best for the market. At Versa, we place enormous emphasis on ensuring our interfaces parallel our great functionality and architecture. That means working with your branding specialists, and using our years of experience in user experience to make certain your consumers are as satisfied as you are with the final product. We ensure that every aspect of your application or software meets the rigid demands of quality that your company deserves.



Design and Development are only the first steps of any successful application, because there are so many out there. It’s important to stand out at the start, and there is no better way to achieve that than through a well-designed marketing strategy. Our marketing specialists know just what it takes to get you to the top of your industry in the App Store and Google Play.



Just as the face of commerce is being shaped by new media and technology, likewise workforces are evolving to meet those new demands. Beyond the implementation of a new application or software into your workflow, our team offers services to educate and help your staff and administration to master these new mediums. Our experts know mobile-based customers, and we understand how to engage your target audience, wherever they may be based and whichever platform they are using, through the newest innovations in market research and communications strategies.



The mobile app development world is an incredibly dynamic one, with platforms and devices in constant flux, thanks to rapidly changing technologies. That means applications, unfortunately, require constant upgrades and maintenance to ensure continued success. Our teams can offer continued support to your business to keep you at the cutting edge of new technological developments and with a competitive advantage over your competition.



Businesses require more than just marketing and new technology to master the digital marketplace. Security and efficiency are in great and greater demand, with new threats constantly emerging and tremendous pressure to offer the highest quality at the lowest prices. Technology that has long been used for entertainment and personal ends is rapidly making inroads into the corporate world, meaning there is a huge demand to protect customer information and trade secrets unlike ever before

Our team design every project with the most stringent safeguards on the market, but vulnerabilities always exist from other sources inside a business, whether through personal employee devices or existing corporate communications platforms. Comprehensive security is the only true guarantee for you and your clients. Ensuring safety in technology is among our top concerns, and it should be for your enterprise as well. Avoid threats and focus on what matters most to your business.